The adventures and experiences documented…

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go hiking up near the Three Sisters Mountain area. Specifically, climb the South Sister mountain. Although I have been getting into shape, I knew this would be a real challenge for me.

From the trailhead to the summit is 6 1/4 Miles one way and the summit is an elevation of around 10,400 feet (yes, the air starts to get thin). What the heck, I would give it a go.

We went over to soda springs camp ground Thursday morning to ensure a great site. Thinking ahead paid off as we got spot number nine and ten which are the best sites availible at the campground. This was our view at the campsite.


We camped Thursday Night and had some additional friends come over Friday after work for a total of seven climbers. I got to bed at a reasonable hour (9:30pm) because I knew Saturday morning would be an early rise so we could get a jump on the hike early. I woke up Saturday morning at 5:30AM, ate breakfast and then we headed out of camp at 7:00am. The trailhead was only about 2 miles from our campsite so we off we drove to the parking area.


We started our accent around 7:30 AM and I must say, the first half an hour I wanted to stop and give up. Although the first 30 minutes was easy going, my body took that long to “warm up”. After my muscles warmed up the “easy part” got easier.

What a wonderful first few miles. The scenery was amazing all the way up to the false summit.


At the false summit I was Spent. What a climb! We ended up sitting there for about 20 or so minutes to catch our breath, have some lunch, and take in the wonderful views.


Once you get to the false summit your heart drops when you look up and realize what is next. The hardest and steepest part – trudging threw the cinder. Three steps forward, one step back.


It was tough, but I kept telling myself: “man, you got all day. Take your time and just go one step at a time”. Well… that worked!

I made it to the top around 1:30 PM ! Wow, what an amazing view.




I would recommend this climb to everyone! Put it on your list and do it! I plan on returning next year to do it again!