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Been doing some stargazing recently. I purchased an Orion StarMax 90 Mak-Cass (Maksutov-Cassegrain) telescope and put it on a heavy tri-pod I had. Been looking at the stars and even saw Saturn – wow what a sight for the first time.

The moon was out last night so I headed up to a known good sky-watching spot. The moon was finally out so I hooked my Canon 40D DSLR camera up to the StarMax telescope and took the below shot.

The Moon

Here is another moon shot I took the next night, but I zoomed into one section.


Here is another shot of the skyline next to us. You can clearly see the Milky Way in this shot.


The above is a raw photo, so I decided to work on the RAW image as shown below.



Here is a shot I did the next night. Looking West towards Salem, we can see the Moon and Venus.