The adventures and experiences documented…

A few of us decided to go on a short camping excursion with the Motorcycles this weekend.

Motor-Bike-Hooligans !

We met up at Subway in Salem Oregon around 7PM and left town Friday night towards Quartsville Creek up past green peter reservoir. Once we got up to the area just past yellow bottom, we scouted out a nice camp site. I finally got to bed around 1:00 am.

The next morning we headed out towards Detroit to fuel up where we decided to go ahead and get some lunch at the Cedars Restaurant. Belly’s and fuel tanks full, we headed out past Breitenbush where we jumped onto a powerline trail towards Olallie Lake, Horseshoe campground, and many other small scenic lakes.


The last leg of our trip was to head back towards Scotts Mills from Breitenbush by taking the old Evans Road and Trail system and then into Silverton where we ended our trip Saturday night by eating at the Wooden Nickel Restaurant.

Good times and good fun for sure with some great friends !