The adventures and experiences documented…

Had a great past weekend with some friends during our annual dualsport adventure trip. I took the 2008 Husky 610 this year with all my camping gear and we made a 625 mile loop from Salem, Oregon to Crater Lake and back. Most of the trip was all back country roads (gravel and dirt).

We met off highway 22 in Stayton, Oregon Friday morning around 10 am and headed out towards Detroit Lake. Just before we got to Hoodoo (the pass), we turned off onto some backroads and traveled on¬†cinder and dirt roads all the way to Sisters, Oregon. What beautiful views the entire way of the “Three Sisters”, Mt. Washington, and more. We stopped for a quick break at skylight cave and ventured down and into the cave where it was much cooler and refreshing.


Our first night of camping was near Wikiup Reservoir and was perfect. We were in an open area with dispersed trees, perfect for hanging hammocks. The next morning we got up and broke camp around 10:00 am and headed south towards Crater Lake. Once at Crater Lake we got some grub near the south entrance at the Mazama Village at the Annie Creek Restaurant.

Off to ride the rim of Crater Lake – the 33 mile loop was very scenic and we ended up stopping on the eastern side to relax in our hammocks for half an hour in the gaze of Wizard Island.

From crater lake we headed out back towards Diamond Lake to find our next camp spot for Saturday night. Just past Lemolo lake we found a decent campsite. There were fires burning in the area, so our location due to fire detours was limited. It turned out ok, other than the 1:30 am deer tripping over my tent guy wire and the 4:00 am Owl that wouldn’t shut up with his “hoo… hoo”.

Sunday morning we woke up and actually broke camp much earlier – about 8:30 am. We grabbed a quick granola bar and jerky breakfast and started headed towards Oakridge. We passed Hills Creek Lake which was larger than I expected.

We made it to Oakridge just after 11:00 am and got a late breakfast in the “only dive” cafe that seemed to serve everything from Pizza to Pancakes.

Off to hwy 20 from Oakridge, we ate up around 100+ miles of gravel back roads. The dust was a little more than previous routes, so we spread out and got in the gravel road groove. Once to hwy 20, we made a bee-line to Sweet Home, where a rootbeer float from A&W made all that dust worth it.

We left Sweet Home around 5:00 pm Sunday and traveled back roads home. 625+ Miles round trip made for a great 2014 trip with great friends!

Want to take the same trip? Download the .gpx file and import it into your GPS.