The adventures and experiences documented…

Had another great yearly camping and exploring trip with everyone in Central Oregon on the Zukiworld Fall Classic.

There were about 17 rigs this year which made for some fresh faces and fun all around. We covered a lot of miles this year which included a new venture to Glass Butte. We also found a back way into the 1974 A-6 Intruder plane crash site, which was a little longer walk but level compared to last years rocky accent.

One very exciting thing happened this year while exploring. We found a “Cache” buried in the side of a rock crevice and behind some stacked rocks. This was old school dumb luck that our friend found this. The glass jar contained a few odds and ends along with some actual CASH – both coins and paper currency. There was also a note inside the jar stating this was placed here as far back as 1975. We left all the items in the jar and even added more cash and some other items with our note.

QUICK UPDATE (Text Written by my Friend who did the research): on the hidden cache! I’ve located the guys who placed it back in 1975! The guy I spoke to was elated to hear we found it and happy we didn’t take the money. He’s 60 now and he placed it there with his friends when they were “kids”. Their deal was that the last friend alive has to go get the money and buy some beer in memory of them all!

A friend of ours had a UAV Drone (Multi-Rotor Copter) this year and he got some great aerial go-pro footage of the areas we explored. You can check out his YouTube Channel Here.

Overall – Awesome trip this year! Thanks again Zukiworld for putting this on!



Here are some photos of the A-6 Intruder Wreck