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Monthly Archives: July 2013

I picked up the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens off a week or so ago and last night I did some testing to see how many stars I could pull in. I played with Exposure times to see how long I could keep the shutter open before getting star streaks. I found its a fine line, but 15 seconds is good to go, while 30 seconds is just too long.

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Moon was pretty bright out tonight (Full Moon), so I thought I would take a few shots.

Also took one of Saturn, which is tough without a goto or tracking mount.

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2006 TE610 Speedometer setup

If you have ever broke the Husky 610 speedometer, you may have to buy a new unit and go through the entire setup process. I have seen some info here like how to switch from kmh to mph or resetting the oil change warning light, but little info on the setup process. Below is some information on how to setup the new speedo.

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TECHNOTE: FileNet Application Engine (Workplace) or FileNet Workplace XT Site Preferences lost resulting in default Site Preferences being used.


Site Preferences appear to be lost because users do not see the correct preferences that have been configured. The behavior suggests the default site preferences are being used.

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