The adventures and experiences documented…

Every year holds an expedition outing where like minded off-road 4 wheel drive vehicle enthusiasts can get together over in Central Oregon for some camping and adventure off-roading.

This year was no different, so myself and about 16 other vehicles showed up for some camping escapades. I headed over Thursday afternoon through Sisters and Bend Oregon, then headed southeast of LaPine to our camping area.

Every night was below 9 degrees so keeping warm in the tent required multiple blankets over my sleeping bag and a few propane bottles plugged into the “Heater Buddy”.

Friday during the day, we headed over near Cougar Mountain to check out some caves. One of the caves is where  some artifacts were found. The artifacts were created and used 8,000 to 11,000 years ago by nomadic aboriginal tribes that traveled sections of what is now Oregon’s high desert, including lands of far northern Lake County. This entire area provided a great hike and wonderful scenery.

Next, we headed towards a known plane wreck that happened back in September 19th, 1973 where an A-6 Intruder plane went down. The remains of the crash site were left there out of respect and memory of the two that lost their life. This location is now a Historic Site. The 700′ climb takes you up to Burma Rim where the crash site is located. It is also said that another crash site is nearby: this debris field contains the remnants of a Lockheed P-38 Lightning that crashed on February 11, 1945 while conducting a World War II gunnery training flight.

On Saturday, we headed out to Fort Rock and then went exploring down south. Eventually, we looped back around and back up to Fort Rock, where we ate some burgers and tots at the local diner. Egg on the bacon cheese burger really hit the spot after a long day.

Sunday morning we got up and headed out of camp past an old water pump shack and towards some power lines and a radio tower. After a short break up at the radio tower for some pictures, we headed back down the mountain towards hwy 20 which eventually ended our journey in Bend at the local “Black Bear Diner” where I grubbed on some Eggs Benedict to close out an outstanding weekend.