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Monthly Archives: September 2011

This weekend we decided to go hike up to Marion Lake located in Oregon just east (about 7 miles) of Detroit Oregon. To get there, head east from Detroit Oregon on Hwy 22 and just before the bridge (Literally At the Bridge) at Marion Forks, turn left on Marion Creek Road. Follow Marion Creek Road until it dead ends at the trail head.

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Pamelia Lake is a nice and easy hike we took this weekend.

The trail is well maintained and the elevation climb is only about 400+ feet over a 2.5 mile distance to the lake which meanders through the forest next to  Pamelia Creek.

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Living here in Oregon, we are very close to tons of hiking areas. One of these very close areas I have been meaning to go to is called “Opal Creek”.

Getting there is quite easy from Portland. Head towards Salem and the go east on Hwy 22. Head out until you see the “Swiss Village” on your right hand side just past the Lions, Oregon turn off. Directly across the Swiss Village is a road called “North Fork Rd.”; turn left there. The road starts out pavement, but will turn to gravel. You will come to a fork in the road; stay left (forest road 2209).

This road dead ends to the trail head (which is just a road). As an FYI there is a vaulted toilet up there and to park, you will need the mandatory (very normal) Northwest Forest Pass.

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